This year marked cinema's centenary. It also marked TIFF's 10th anniversary. The seminal French film Les Enfants de Lumiére was chosen for a special screening to mark this occasion. Just prior to the festival, Krzysztof Kieślowski, who was chosen as the president of the jury for Young Cinema Competition, became ill; and Henri Verneuil stepped in to replace him at short notice.
This year marked the start of Nippon Cinema Classics, which remains a beloved part of TIFF to this day.Films screened for the program were chosen by Sadao Yamane and Shigehiko Hasumi, both members of the Committee for the Centenary of Film. Many films known only in passing, including Mikio Naruse's Uwasa no musume (The Girl in the Rumor), which had its first screening in 50 years, were shown.
Beginning in 1995, the Tokyo International Foundation for Promot ion of Screen Image Cul ture (Japan Association for the International Promotion of Moving Images (UNIJAPAN)), TIFF's host organizer, provided subsidy programs to new directors until 1999. In the first year, Hirokazu Koreeda's Maborosi was targeted for such support.







1. Young Cinema Competition jurors Timothy Dalton (left) and Vivian Wu. 2. Emmanuelle Béart attends a screening of A French Woman. 3. Mel Gibson, director, producer and star of the opening film Braveheart. 4. Chinese film maestro King Hu (fourth from left) and young Taiwanese filmmakers. From left: actress Annie Yi, actor Lien Pi-tung, actor Lim Giong, director Hou Hsiao-hsien and actor Gao Jie. 5. The Tokyo Gold Award-winning director of White Balloon, Jafar Panahi (right), and a Young Cinema Competition juror, Marin Karmitz. 6. Leslie Cheung (right) and Carina Lau (center), starring in He’s a Woman, She’s a Man, with actor Leung Ka-Fai.


International Competition Total number of applications: 233 films from 44 countries / regions

Tokyo Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

No Winner

Special Jury Prize

The Man Who Read Music from Plates / Director: Jan Jakub Kolski

Best Director Award

Jose Novoa / Sicario-Assassin for Hire

Best Actress Award

Yasuko Tomita / The Christ of Nanjing

Best Actor Award

No Winner

Best Artistic Contribution Award

The Christ of Nanjing / Director: Tony Au

Best Supporting Actress Award

Ellen Muth / Dolores Claiborne

Best Supporting Actress Award

Gledys Ibarra / Sicario-Assassin for Hire

Young Cinema Competition Total number of applications: 235 films from 38 countries / regions

Tokyo Gold Prize- The Governor of Tokyo Award

The White Balloon / Director: Jafar Panahi

Tokyo Gold Prize- The Governor of Tokyo Award

The Usual Suspects / Director: Bryan Singer

Tokyo Bronze Prize

The Daughter-in-law / Director: Steve Wang


International Competition

President of the Jury

Hugh Hudson (Director / Producer)


Mario Kassar (Executive Producer)

Yim Ho (Director)

Lalo Schifrin (Composer)

Emi Wada (Costume Designer)

Young Cinema Competition

President of the Jury

Henri Verneuil (Director)


Vivian Wu (Actress)

Marin Karmitz (Producer)

Timothy Dalton (Actor)

Sahoko Hata (Critic)

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