TIFF was held in Kyoto this year to commemorate the 1200th anniversary of the city's founding. Kyoto, in addition to being one of the centers of Japanese tradition, was the birthplace of Japanese films.
The opening ceremonies, produced by Hiroshi Teshigahara, were designed around the theme of extending a heartfelt welcome. The festival venue utilized bamboo decorations in the front and other installations that made use of the distinctive Kyoto location. Opening attractions featured performances by Gion geishas and Japanese drums, which sounded the festival's start.
Many of the festival's programs made use of the Kyoto location, including the collaborative The Cinema Festa 100 - Kyoto exhibition, which was held at Toei's Kyoto Studio Park (a.k.a. Uzumasa Eigamura). The Kanebo International Women's Film Week commemorated the work of Kashiko Kawakita, who made a great contribution to Japanese cinema by introducing many overseas works into Japan.









1. Director Olivier Assayas (left) and actress Virginie Ledoyen from Competition film Cold Water. 2, Aki Kaurismäki, director of Competition film Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatjana, in a humorous pose. 3. Director John Sayles (left) and producer Maggie Renzi talk about The Secret of Roan Inish, their second entry to Competition following Grand Prix-winning City of Hope in 1991. 4. Susan Sarandon, lead actress of The Client, gives a short speech prior to the closing screening. 5. Director Roger Corman, president of Young Cinema Competition Jury. 6. Tatsumi Kumashiro, director of Competition film Like a Rolling Stone, with stars Eiji Okuda (left) and Eiko Nagashima. 7. Director Manoel de Oliveira presents a film in Competition, for the second consecutive year. 8. International Competition juror Jeanne Moreau and Young Cinema Competition juror Kazuki Omori.


International Competition Total number of applications: 206 films from 46 countries / regions

Grand Prix - The Governor of Kyoto Award/The mayor of Kyoto Award/The Governor of Tokyo Award

The Day the Sun Turned Cold / Director: Yim-Ho

Special Jury Prize

47 Ronin / Director: Kon Ichikawa

The Best Director Award

Yim-Ho / The Day the Sun Turned Cold

The Best Actress Award

Debra Winger / A Dangerous Woman

The Best Actor Award

Niu Zhen-hua / Back to Back, Face to Face

Young Cinema Competition Total number of applications: 230 films from 42 countries / regions

Gold Prize - The Governor of Kyoto Award/The Mayor of Kyoto Award/The Governor of Tokyo Award

Letter to an Angel / Director: Garin Nugroho

Silver Prize

Amateur / Director: Hal Hartley

Bronze Prize

Fresh / Director: Boaz Yakin


International Competition

President of the Jury

Mike Medavoy (Motion Picture Executive)


Jeanne Moreau (Actress)

Peter Weller (Actor)

Vittorio Storaro (Director of Photography)

Masaru Sato (Composer)

Young Cinema Competition

President of the Jury

Roger Corman (Director / Producer)


Ahn Sung-ki (Actor)

Gabriella Cristiani (Film Editor)

Kazuki Omori (Director)

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