Extending the festival duration to 10 days from 9 days, and adding some Shinjuku theaters and the Kabukiza Theatre for screening venues, TIFF was able to show more than 200 films in total.
The focus of this year was Japanese films. To serve as the international gateway of Japanese films, TIFF launched the Japan Now section. Programs focusing on present and past Japanese films and the special program of Japanese Anime, which receives a lot of attention around the world, were held along with the Japan Now section and the Japanese Classics section.
Further, the festival was filled with colorful other events, for example special tribute to Ken Takakura and commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Shuji Terayama’s birth. “Masters of J-Horror,” a special screening event with a haunted house experience, attracted public attention for its elaborate approach.
This year, ARIGATŌ (“Thank You”) Award was newly created to honor brilliant professionals in the film industry, and was given to Kirin Kiki and others. TIFF and the Shanghai International Film Festival newly signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on a comprehensive and mutual cooperation in further promoting films across Asia, following the joint effort to establish the Asian Film Awards in the previous year with the Hong Kong and Busan International Film Festivals.
CINEMA MUSIC JAM welcomed Aki Yashiro, Chris Hart, Tatsuya Ishii, Ayaka Hirahara and Risa Junna as guest artists each of whom passionately performed film theme songs, celebrating the 30-year milestone of the event since 1985.


1. Leading actress Helen Mirren and director Simon Curtis of the Special Screenings film WOMAN IN GOLD. 2. Leading actress and producer Hilary Swank from the Special Screenings You're Not You. 3. From the left, actresses Ai Hashimoto, Yuko Takeuchi and director Yoshihiro Nakamura of Competition film The Inerasable. 4. Leading actor and actress Kenichi Matsuyama and Keiko Kitagawa from the Panorama section screening film Something Like Something Like It. 5. From the left, director Taketoshi Sado,KASHIYUKA, a-chan and NOCCHi of Perfume from the Panorama section film WE ARE Perfume -WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT. 6. From the left, director Tetsuo Shinohara, actors Koichi Sato and Tsubasa Honda of Closing film TERMINAL. 7. From the left, director Hideo Nakata, actors Rika Adachi, Haruka Shimazaki and Keita Machida of Ghost Theater, Don't Look Up screened at "Masters of J-Horror". 8. Legends appear on stage at Special Animation Program "THE WORLD OF GUNDAM". From the left, voice actors Toru Furuya and Megumi Han, singer GACKT, director Yoshiyuki Tomino, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, mecanic designer Kunio Okawara and voice actor Shuichi Ikeda. 9. Director Masato Harada and actress Kirin Kiki at the screening of Chronicle of My Mother in Japan Now section Director's Showcase "Director in Focus: Masato Harada". 10. From the left, director Kohei Oguri, actors Jo Odagiri, Miki Nakatani andproducer Claudie Ossard at the Competition film FOUJITA. 11. Director Robert Zemeckis from the Opening film The Walk. 12. Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga and director director Keishi Otomo who came to congratulate directors Yoji Yamada and John Woo (2nd and 3rd from left) at the “SAMURAI AWARD” Ceremony. 13. Japanese Classics RAN [4K Digitally Restored Version]; From the left leading roles Tatsuya Nakadai, Mieko Harada, costume designer Emi Wada, production manager Teruyo Nogami and assistant director Vittorio Dalle Ore. 14. Winners of “ARIGATO (Thank you )Award”; form the left, Akihiro Hino(LEVEL- Inc. president and CEO), actors Suzu Hirose, Kirin Kiki and Lily Franky,director Mamoru Hosoda.


Competition Application total number is 1,373 entries from 92 countries/regions

Tokyo Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Nise - The Heart of Madness [ Nise - O Coração da Loucura ](Director : Roberto Berliner)

Special Jury Prize

All Three of Us [ NOUS TROIS OU RIEN ](Director : Kheiron)

Award for Best Director

Mustafa Kara (Cold of Kalandar [ Kalandar Soğuğu ])

Award for Best Actress

Gloria Pires (Nise - The Heart of Madness[ Nise - O Coração da Loucura ])

Award for Best Actor

Roland Møller/Louis Hofmann (Land of Mine [ Under Sandet ])

Award for Best Artistic Contribution

Family Film [ Rodinný film ](Director : Olmo Omerzu)

WOWOW Viewer's Choice Award

Cold of Kalandar [ Kalandar Soğuğu ](Director : Mustafa Kara)

The Audience Award

God Willing [ Se Dio Vuole ](Director : Edoardo Falcone)

Asian Future

Best Asian Future Film Award

The Island Funeral [ Maha Samut Lae Susaan ](Director : Pimpaka Towira)

The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center

Degena Yun ( A Simple Goodbye [ 告别 ] )

Japanese Cinema Splash

Best Picture Award

Ken and Kazu [ ケンとカズ ](Director : Hiroshi Shoji)



Yoji Yamada


John Woo



Kirin kiki


Akihiro Hino


Suzu Hirose


Mamoru Hosoda


Lily Franky



President of the Jury

Bryan Singer(Film Director / Writer / Producer)


Tran Anh Hung(Film Director)

Bent Hamer(Film Director)

Nansun Shi (Producer)

Susanne Bier(Writer / Film Director)

Kazuki Omori(Film Director / Writer)

Asian Future Best Asian Future Film Award


Jacob Wong(Curator, Hong Kong International Film Festival)

Olivier Père(Executive Director, Arte France Cinema / Director of Film Acquisitions,ARTE France)

Tatsushi Omori(Director)

The Spirit of Asia Award


Tadao Sato(President of the Japan Institute of the Moving Image / Film Critic)

Masamichi Matsumoto(Director, Cinémathèque)

Hiroyasu Ando(President, The Japan Foundation)

Japanese Cinema Splash Best Picture Award


Mark Peranson(Festival del film Locarno, Head of Programming)

Jeane Huang(President, Core Cultural ManagementOrganizer, Urban Nomad Film Festival)

Makiko Watanabe(Actress)

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