The 21st Tokyo International Film Festival adopted the slogan "Action for Earth" in order to transmit the theme of "Protecting the Earth=Ecology" and as the symbol of this theme, we unrolled the Green Carpet instead of the traditional Red Carpet on the opening day in the Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori.
Recycled PET bottles were used for the Green Carpet, and all the screening theaters used "green" power for electricity. Events such as the Green Tie Gala Dinner and the Earth Conference were held as well.
"Symbiosis between nature and mankind" became the theme for the newly established natural TIFF section.
The broad range of new film selections included powerful documentary titles and omnibus short films which commemorated the 60th Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. The enthusiastic public appearances by various directors were especially inspiring for young movie fans. The Special Programs showcased a number of rarely-seen films, including a new print of Dersu Uzara.










1: Directors Nikita Mikhalkov (right) and Chen Kaige, recipients of the Akira Kurosawa Award. 2. José Luis Guerín, director of In the City of Sylvia. 3. Director John Woo, actors Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro at the opening screening of Red Cliff Part Ⅰ. 4. Satoshi Tsumabuki, star of School Days with a Pig, which won the TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Jury Award. 5. Félicité Wouassi, winner of the Award for Best Actress for her performance in With a Little Help from Myself. 6. From left: Competition jury president Jon Voight, former Kurosawa Production manager Teruyo Nogami, and Academy Film Archive director Michael Pogorzelski at a special screening of Rashomon. 7. Garin Nugroho, director of Under the Tree. 8. Competition film 4 Nights with Anna producer/screenwriter Ewa Piasikowska (left) and director Jerzy Skolimowski with School Days with a Pig director Tetsu Maeda. 9. Cast and crew members from Blindness.


Competition Total number of applications: 690 films from 72 countries / regions

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

TULPAN / Director: Sergey Dvortsevoy

Special Jury Prize

4 Nights with Anna / Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

Best Director Award

Sergey Dvortsevoy / TULPAN

Best Actress Award

Félicité Wouassi / With a Little Help from Myself

Best Actor Award

Vincent Cassel / Public Enemy No.1(Part1 & 2)

Best Artistic Contribution Award

With a Little Help from Myself / Director: François Dupeyron

Audience Award

School Days with a Pig / Director: Tetsu Maeda

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

Ashes from the Sky / Director: José Antonio Quirós

Jury Award

School Days with a Pig / Director: Tetsu Maeda

Special Award

The Meerkats / Director: James Honeyborne

Winds of Asia - Middle East

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

My Marlon and Brando / Director: Huseyin Karabey

Special Mention

The Sun Also Rises / Director: Jiang Wen

Special Mention

The Convert / Director: Yasmin Ahmad

Special Mention

The Way We Are / Director: Ann Hui

Japanese Eyes

Best Picture Award

Buy a Suit / Director: Jun Ichikawa

Special Award

Actor: Ittoku Kishibe / Osaka Hamlet

Akira Kurosawa Award

Akira Kurosawa Award

Director: Nikita Mikhalkov

Akira Kurosawa Award

Director: Chen Kaige



President of the Jury

Jon Voight (Actor)


Michael Gruskiff (Producer)

Huo Jianqi (Director)

Cesar Charlone (Cinematographer)

Fumi Dan (Actoress)

Koji Takada (Screenplay Writer)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix


Etsuko Takano (General Producer of Tokyo International Women's Film Festival)

Tetsuya Bessho (Actor / President of Short Shorts Film Festival)

Tom Yoda (Chairman, TIFF & TIFFCOM)

Winds of Asia-Middle East Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award


Koshi Ueno (FILM CRITIC (President of Japan Journalist College))

Shiori Kazama (Director)

Jacob Wong (Hong Kong International Film Festival Curator / Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum Director)

Japanese Eyes


Yuko Sekiguchi (Variety Japan Editor in Chief)

Takashi Kitakoji (Film Critic; Associate Professor, Department of Film Production, Kyoto University of Art and Design; Staff Researcher, National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

Chris Fujiwara (Film Critic)

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