This memorable 25th Tokyo International Film Festival was aimed to convey the fascination of movies to younger audience by welcoming actress Atsuko Maeda as TIFF Ambassador and actor Takumi Saitoh as TIFF Supporter.
In addition, TIFF took a retrospective glance of its history over a quarter of a century. TIFF Special Appreciation Award was presented to Hong Kong film producer Raymond Chow to show the appreciation for his continuous support to nurture young filmmakers since the TIFF’s inauguration in 1985. The international jury was headed by American director Roger Corman, who had last attended the 7th festival as a jury member. In its commemoration, Special All Night Screening, Corman’s Way, was held. Two-time award-winning director Garin Nugroho appeared at Indonesian Express presenting two new works and was applauded by audience.
In the year following the Great East Japan Earthquake, TIFF continued being engaged in the reconstruction effort. Holding up “The Power of Films, Now!” as a theme, TIFF presented a Special Opening Film, Ridley Scott’s Japan in a Day, a collection of crowd sourced video submissions filmed on March 11, exactly one year after the great disaster. Roppongi Hills and a satellite venue in Tohoku were connected via live-cast to talk about what films can do toward recovery. Tetsuaki Matsue’s Flashback Memories 3D won the Audience Award in the Competition section which was also a hopeful event.
This year, the Competition section received 1,332 entries which was a 40% jump from the previous year and double the figure from 5 years ago, marking the anniversary year worthy for one of the leading international film festivals.


1. Opening Film Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away; from the left, executive producer Jacques Méthé, actress Erica Linz, director Andrew Adamson and Aya Ueto who was assigned to the official film navigator. 2. Actress Atsuko Maeda was the TIFF Ambassador. 3. Actors Satomi Ishihara and Hiroshi Abe gladly signs an autograph at the opening event of Special Screenings film by rule of CROW's thumb. 4. From the left, Director Osamu Minorikawa, actresses Ko Shibasaki and Yoko Maki make appearances at stage greeting of the Special Screenings film Sue, Mai & Sawa: Righting the Girl Ship 5. Actors Ayumi Ito, Yuriko Yoshitaka and Kengo Kora, and director Shuichi Okita from the Special Screenings film A Story of Yonosuke. 6. From the left, music Yoshikazu Suo, theme song vocalists Tomoko Tane, actors Tamiyo Kusakari and Koji Yakusho, director Masayuki Suo from Special Screenings film A Terminal Trust appear at Stage Greeting. 7. Leading actress Heather Wahlquis tand director Nick Cassavetes from the Competition film Yellow. 8. 3directors who presented special screening at Winds of Asia "Indonesian Express: Nugroho, Edwin and Riza"; from the left, directors Edwin, Garin Nugroho, Riri Riza made appearance at the symposium stage. 9. Competition film Juvenile Offender won Special Jury Prize and Award for Best Actor. From the left, director Kang Yi-kwan, actors Lee Jung-hyun and Seo Young-ju, the winner of Award for Best Actor. 10. Flashback Memories 3D of Competion section won the Audience Award. Didgeridoo artist GOMA(center) and his family, director Tetsuaki Matsue and producer Junji Takane appeared at the award ceremony.


Competition Application total number is 1,332 entries from 91 countries/regions

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

The Other Son [ Le fils de l'Autre ](Director : Lorraine Lévy)

Special Jury Prize

Juvenile Offender [ 범죄소년 ] (Director : Kang Yi-kwan)

Award for Best Director

Lorraine Lévy (The Other Son)

Award for Best Actress

Neslihan Atagül (Araf - Somewhere in Between)

Award for Best Actor

Seo Young-ju (Juvenile Offender)

Award for Best Artistic Contribution

Ship of Theseus (Director of Photography : Pankaj Kumar)

The Audience Award

Flashback Memories 3D (Director : Tetsuaki Matsue)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

Himself He Cooks(Director : Valérie Berteau / Philippe Witjes)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Special Jury Prize

Trashed(Director : Candida Brady)

Winds of Asia

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

Night of Silence [ Lal Gece ] (Director : Reis Çelik)

Special Mention

Bwakaw(Director : Jun Robles Lana)

Special Mention

Him、 Here After [ Ini Avan ](Director : Asoka Handagama)

Special Mention

Full Circle [ 飞越老人院 ](Director : Zhang Yang)

Japanese Eyes

Best Picture Award

GFP BUNNY(Director:Yutaka Tsuchiya)

TIFF Special Appreciation Award

TIFF Special Appreciation Award

Mr. Raymond Chow



President of the Jury

Roger Corman(Director / Producer)


Luc Roeg(Producer)

Yojiro Takita(Director)

Emanuele Crialese(Director / Writer)

Kyoko Heya(Production Designer)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix


Yukichi Shinada(Film Critic, Professor Emeritus of Tama Art University)

Masako(Model / Actress)

Tom Yoda(Chairman, TIFF & TIFFCOM)

Best Asian Film Award


Harumi Nakayama(Cinema Journalist)

Koichi Kawakami(Director of Photography)

Lim Kah Wai(Director)

Japanese Eyes


Kyoichiro Murayama(Film Critic)

Yoshihiro Fukagawa(Director)

Genki Kawamura(Film Producer)

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