TIFF became the first international film festival to be held in Japan, filling a significant gap in the world cinema calendar. The festival opened with Akira Kurosawa's Ran, one of 140 films screened during the festival's duration. Messages to the festival sent by prominent film industry members from around the world demonstrated the level of expectation that people held for this event.
Shibuya became a movie town overnight. On the festival's first day, a parade was held on its streets. Showcase events were held every day at the special outdoor stage set up along its main route. Illustrated porcelain monuments of some of the most prominent film people decorated the station square. They were unveiled by film critic Nagaharu Yodogawa in a separate ceremony.
Including Cine Saison and Eurospace, which opened earlier in the year, the number of movie theaters in the administrative district of Shibuya totaled 16 at this time. The launching of TIFF also marked the beginning of Shibuya as one of the world's most prominent movie towns.









1. Harrison Ford at the special screening of Witness. 2. Cher attends the press conference after the special screening of Mask. 3. Director Neil Jordan presents his second feature, The Company of Wolves, in the Competition. 4. The main venue, Shibuya Pantheon, which has been replaced by the city’s new landmark, Shibuya Hikarie. 5. Director Akira Kurosawa being asked for his autograph by foreign journalists. 6. Director Bernardo Bertolucci lectures at a symposium. 7. Director Shinji Somai of Typhoon Club, winner of the Young Cinema Competition Grand Prix. 8. Tatsuya Nakadai, the lead actor of Ran, attends the opening screening. 9.From left, film critic Juzaburo Futaba, illustrator Makoto Wada and film critic Nagaharu Yodogawa in front of the festival monument in Shibuya.



Young Cinema Competition (International Competition) Total number of applications: 519 films from 40 countries / regions

Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Typhoon Club / Director: Shinji Somai

Best Director Award

Peter Gothar / Time Stands Still

Special Award in Memory of Yasujiro Ozu

Director: Ali Ozgenturk / The Horse

Special Jury Distinguished Award

Directors: Francois Bouvier & Jean Beaudry / Jacques and November

Special Jury Distinguished Award

Director: Hector Babenco / Kiss of the Spider Woman


Young Cinema Competition (International Competition)

President of the Jury

David Puttnam (Producer)


Milos Forman (Director)

Raymond Chow (Producer)

Adrienne Mancia (Curator of Film Exhibitions Museum of Modern Art)

Sonia Braga (Actress)

Istvan Szabo (Director)

Bernardo Bertolucci (Director)

Shohei Imamura (Director)

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