TIFF, since 2008 under the theme of “Ecology,” has introduced various ideas such as the Green Carpet Welcome, Green Power and Green Charity. The 23rd TIFF had a related theme, “Sustaining for the Future,” aiming to make another leap forward.
At the 23rd TIFF, we screened many excellent films, including the opening film, The Social Network, and the closing film, The Town. There were a number of new endeavors this year, such as the Tokyo Daily newspaper, the UNIJAPAN Entertainment Forum, which featured speakers from ten countries/regions, and CONNECT USA, an interactive forum held in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy, Tokyo.









1. Kevin McMahon, director of the TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix-winning Waterlife. 2. Mark Romanek, director of Competition film Never Let Me Go. 3. Producer Jeremy Thomas, Executive Adviser to TIFF, with his daughter Jessica. 4. Renowned French actress Catherine Deneuve at the screening of POTICHE. 5. Kaneto Shindo, director of Special Jury Prize winner Postcard, with his trophy. 6. Tron: Legacy 3D Special Presentation producer Sean Bailey (left) and cast members Olivia Wilde (second from left) and Garrett Hedlund (right) attend the opening screening, accompanied by model Yu Yamada (second from right). 7. TIFF chairman Tom Yoda presents the Friendship Award to Busan International Film Festival director Kim Dong-ho. 8. Actor Jesse Eisenberg and writer Aaron Sorkin attend the opening screening of The Social Network. 9. The stars of Into the White Night: from left, Eiichiro Funakoshi, Maki Horikita, and Kengo Kora. 10. From left: Primary! actor Francisco Alfonsin, The Invisible Eye director Diego Lerman, director Nir Bergman of the Grand Prix-winning Intimate Grammar, and If the Seed Doesn't Die director Sinisa Dragin.


Competition Total number of applications: 832 films from 76 countries / regions

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Intimate Grammar / Director: Nir Bergman

Special Jury Prize

Post Card / Director: Kaneto Shindo

Best Director Award

Gilles Paquet-Brenner / Sarah's Key

Best Actress Award

Fan Bingbing / Buddha Mountain

Best Actor Award

Wang Qian-yuan / The Piano in a Factory

Best Artistic Contribution Award

Buddha Mountain / Director:Li Yu

Audience Award

Sarah's Key / Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

Waterlife / Director: Kevin McMahon

Special Jury Prize

Nanga Parbat / Director: Joseph Vilsmaier

Winds of Asia - Middle East

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

Passerby #3 / Director: Shin Su-won

Special Mention

The Tiger Factory / Director: Woo Ming Jin

Japanese Eyes

Best Picture Award

hospitalité / Director: Koji Fukada



President of the Jury

Neil Jordan (Film Director)


Judy Ongg (Singer/Actress/Wood Block Print Artist)

Domenico Procacci (Film Producer)

Hur Jin-ho (Director)

Kichitaro Negishi (Film Director)

Winds of Asia-Middle East Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award


Akira Ogata (Film Director)

Chalida Uabumrungjit (Thai Film Foundation, Project director)

Nobuaki Ohsawa (Literary critic)

Japanese Eyes


Kamen Kalev (Film Director)

Hiroshi Kashiwabara (Screenplay Writer/President, Writers Association of Japan)

Takashi Kitakoji (Film Critic)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix


Etsuko Takano (General Producer of Tokyo International Women's Film Festival)

Tetsuya Bessho (Actor / President of Short Shorts Film Festival)

Tom Yoda (Chairman, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM))

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