This year's TIFF opened with a requiem for the victims of 9.11. For the centenary of Walt Disney's birth, ten featurelength Disney films were shown. This year marked the first time the Korean Cinema Week was scheduled in recognition of the great interest shown in Korean culture. With the World Cup 2002 fast approaching, anticipation was high for greater cultural exchange between the two countries.
The special presenter of Tokyo Grand Prix during the closing ceremonies was Kazuhiro Sasaki of the Seattle Mariners.
In 2001, the metropolitan government of Tokyo established “Tokyo Location Box” to provide assistance for filming inside Tokyo government facilities and enabling greater development of film culture in the city. Filming for Luc Besson's Wasabi was made possible through this assistance.








1. One Fine Spring Day in Competition. From right, director Hur Jin-ho, stars You Ji-tae and Lee Young-ae. 2. Codirectors of Bangkok Dangerous, Danny and Oxide Pang brothers. 3. Director Kihachi Okamoto proved his everlasting creativity with Vengeance is Such a Great Business. 4. AGITATOR in Nippon Cinema Now section. From left, director Takashi Miike and star Masaya Kato. 5. Director Michel Gondry talks about his competition film, Human Nature. 6. Director Akihiko Shiota and lead actress Aoi Miyazaki attend the screening of Harmful Insect in Nippon Cinema Now section. 7. Miwa Yoshida of Dreams Come True performs the Japanese theme song for Atlantis: The Lost Empire at the closing screening.


Competition Total number of applications: 576 films from 49 countries / regions

Tokyo Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Slogans / Director: Gjergj Xhuvani

Special Jury Prize

Under the Moonlight / Director: Reza Mir-Karimi

Best Director Award - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Reza Mir-Karimi / Under the Moonlight

Best Director Award - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Gjergj Xhuvani / Slogans

Best Screenplay Award

Yoshi Yokota / KEWAISHI

Best Actress Award

Luiza Xhuvani / Slogans

Best Actor Award

Andrew Howard / Mr In-Between

Best Artistic Contribution Award

One Fine Spring Day / Director: Hur Jin-ho

Asian Film Award

Asian Film Award

Canon on Tuesday / Director: Shiori Kazama

Special Mention

This is My Moon / Director: Asoka Handagama



President of the Jury

Norman Jewison (Director)


Catherine Dussart (Producer)

Joey Wang (Actress)

Daniel Schmid (Director)

Yasuki Hamano (Researcher)

Asian Film Award

President of the Jury

Shinken Yokokawa (professor of Art


Koichi Nojima (Journalist)

Masato Hojo (Manager of Euro Space)

Akira Ogata (Director)

Misako Wakumoto (Critic)

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