The 27th TIFF celebrated its opening with great splendor on a red carpet for the first time in seven years, with Arashi, one of the most prominent artist group in Japan, as Special Ambassador and actress Miki Nakatani as Festival Muse.
This year, in addition to Roppongi Hills, TOHO CINEMAS Nihonbashi which had just opened then was also selected as the venue, aiming to raise awareness among a wide range of people by showcasing films from Competition section and special feature The World of Hideaki Anno. Meanwhile in Ginza, a screening event titled Special Night at Kabukiza Theatre was held. A unique combination of a Kabuki performance Shakkyo (Stone Bridge) by Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro and a special screening of City Lights starred by Charles Chaplin was a successful effort in sending out Japanese culture to the world.
Also, CROSSCUT ASIA section was launched this year in collaboration with the Japan Foundation Asia Center, featuring the films representing the amazing evolution of modern Thai cinema. TIFF launched “SAMURAI Award” and the first recipients were Takeshi Kitano and Tim Burton. Special Talk Session with Kitano was also held.
Director John Lasseter and director Peter Bogdanovich made it to attend TIFF. Owen Wilson, who starred in Bogdanovich’s film, She’s Funny That Way, paid an impromptu visit. When he appeared at the Q&A session after the screening, the audience broke into loud cheers.
So many other special events also took place at Roppongi Hills Arena: Tokyo Cinema Cuisine serving special menu arranged by popular chefs, CINEMA MUSIC JAM featuring a band lead by Hajime Mizoguchi, World Cosplay Summit and so on.


1. From the left, director Don Hall and Chris Williams, Kotaro Koizumi, Baylmax, Miho Kanno, exective producer John Lasseter, producer Roy Conli and Andrew Millstein as Disney Animation Studio Preside t from the Opening film Big Hero 6. 2. From the left, producer Gen Sato, screenplay Shin Adachi, leading actress Sakura Ando, actor Hirofumi Arai and director Masaharu Take from Japanese Cinema Splash 100 YEN LOVE which won Best Picture Award. 3. Director Hideaki Anno and his wife Moyoko Anno appeared on the stage for the opening event of the Special Screenings animation "The World of Hideaki Anno". 4. Festival Muse Miki Nakatani makes the greeting at the Closing Ceremony. 5. From first row left, director Keisuke Toyoshima, actors Yumi Adachi and Yasushi Fuchikami who played the leading roles walk the red carpet in the costumes worn in the Special Screenings film A Courtesan with Flowered Skin. 6. From the left, director Takashi Yamazaki, actors Eri Fukatsu, Shota Sometani, Ai Hashimoto and Miggy from the Special Screenings film PARASYTE. 7. Rie Miyazawa who received Award for Best Actress in the Competition film Pale Moon. 8. Directors Takeshi Kitano and Tim Burton winner of the first 'SAMURAI AWARD'. 9. Aamir Khan who played the leading role in Dhoom: 3 made the visit to Japan for the Special Screenings film. 10. Omar Sy who played the leading role and director Olivier Nakache from the Special Screenings film SAMBA. 11. Stage greeting during the Competition screening of RUINED HEART: Another Lovestory Between A Criminal & A Whore. From the left, cinematographer Christopher Doyle, producer Stephan Holl and actress Elena Kazan, director Khavn, actors Andre Puertollano, Marcello Pussy and Vim Nadera. 12. Leading actor Owen Wilson and director Peter Bogdanovich who made the last minute trip to Japan for the World Focus film She's Funny That Way. 13. Producer David Puttnam of the Special Program film Chariots of Fire.


Competition Application total number is 1,373 entries from 92 countries/regions

Tokyo Grand Prix - The Governor of Tokyo Award

Heaven Knows What(Director : Joshua Safdie、Benny Safdie)

Special Jury Prize

The Lesson [ Urok ](Director : Kristina Grozeva、Petar Valchanov)

Award for Best Director

Joshua Safdie、Benny Safdie (Heaven Knows What)

Award for Best Actress

Rie Miyazawa(Pale Moon [ 紙の月 ])

Award for Best Actor

Robert Więckiewicz(The Mighty Angel [ Pod Mocnym Aniołem ])

Award for Best Artistic Contribution

Test [ ISPYTANIE ](Director : Alexander Kott)

WOWOW Viewer's Choice Award

Test [ ISPYTANIE ](Director : Alexander Kott)

The Audience Award

Pale Moon [ 紙の月 ](Director : Daihachi Yoshida)

Asian Future

Best Asian Future Film Award

Borderless [ Bedone Marz ](Director : Amirhossein Asgari)

The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center

Sotho Kulikar ( The Last Reel )

Japanese Cinema Splash

Best Picture Award

100 Yen Love [ 百円の恋 ](Director : Masaharu Take)

Special Mention

Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday [ 滝を見にいく ](Director : Shuichi Okita)



Takeshi Kitano 北野 武


Tim Burton



President of the Jury

James Gunn(Film Director)


John H. Lee(Film Director)

Robert Luketic(Film Director)

Eric Khoo(Film Director)

Debbie McWilliams(Casting Director)

Hiroshi Shinagawa(Film Director / Comedian)

Asian Future Best Asian Future Film Award


Cameron Bailey(Toronto International Film Festiva, Artistic Director)

Jacob Wong(Curator, Hong Kong International Film Festival)

Ikjune Yang(Film Director / Actor)

The Spirit of Asia Award


Tadao Sato(President of the Japan Institute of the Moving Image / Film Critic)

Hiroyasu Ando(President, The Japan Foundation)

Japanese Cinema Splash Best Picture Award


Tony Rayns(Filmmaker / Film Critic / Festival Programmer)

Christian Jeune(Festival de Cannes / Deputy General Delegate)

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri(Film Director)

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